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Hana Hair Pin
Hana Hair Pin
Hana Hair Pin
Hana Hair Pin

Hana Hair Pin

$45.00 $36.00

Après Ski's newest collection "Fleurs" is inspired by patchwork textiles and flowers.

  • Acetate daisy hair pin.
  • Measures: 13x2,4cm
  • Handmade in Barcelona 

Après Ski is accessories brand founded in 2009 by Barcelona-based designer Lucía Vergara. Après Ski borrows its name and original inspiration from the aesthetics of “après ski” in the 1950s, nodding to its retro touch and moments of relaxation and enjoyment after an effort or finished task. These great moments are what are reflected in the colors and shapes of Après Ski's pieces, dominated by pastel colors, golden shades and geometric shapes.

The collections are predominately made of materials such as acetate, resins, wood or antique textiles. With this taste for the vintage aesthetic but always open to new techniques and materials, Après Ski's creations stand out for the attention to detail in their handcrafted finishes with bright pieces and hand-painted motifs.

All of Après Ski's products are made by hand in the brand's studio in Barcelona, for this reason each piece is unique, making them special for the wearer.