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A. N. Other - Fresh
A. N. Other - Fresh
A. N. Other - Fresh
A. N. Other - Fresh
A. N. Other - Fresh

A. N. Other - Fresh


FR/18 Carlos Viñals

Drawing inspiration from the resurgence of classic gin cocktails, aldehydic top notes shake this clean blend of crisp juniper and Madagascan ginger alive with a freshness that fizzes and excites the senses. Metallic musk unifies a perfectly mixed blend, enhancing each note and completing the composition.

Top: Melon Pop Rocks / Grapefruit Zest / Gin & Tonic
Heart:Juniper / Madagascar Ginger / Aromatic Lavender
Base:Chilled Amberwood / Metallic Musk
  • Paraben, Sulfate & Phlatate free
  • Unisex
  • Made in USA

A.N. OTHER is a unique perfume brand who seeks to strip away the smoke and mirrors of the perfume industry. While the majority of the perfume industry seeks to use the cheapest ingredients to make a scent based of consumer trends, A.N OTHER is bringing freedom back to the world of personal scent. While many brands take advantage of its consumers by charging exorbitant prices for cheap ingredients, A.N.OTHER prides itself in openly sharing it's pricing breakdown, press kit, and brand information.

A. N. OTHER offers the most exciting perfumers in the world an opportunity to create the four core scents: Floral, Woody, Oriental and Fresh. Then they leave them alone. Great perfumery is an art, and A.N.OTHER believes artists create their best work when they work without constraint. That’s they we will never issue fragrance briefs or compromise on ingredients

Your money goes into what matters most. Clean, eco-sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients that go onto your skin.

“Working on my fragrance for A. N. Other was refreshing. It helps to let the creative juices flow when you have a larger budget and you are free to think out of the box.” - Carlos Viñals