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Agender Oil
Agender Oil
Agender Oil
Agender Oil

Agender Oil


WHEREVER you choose to grow hair, this oil is here to soften and protect. Great for the body too!  The perfect harmony between strong and soft. Moisture rich Organic Hemp Seed Oil is mixed with the smokey strong Vetiver and sweet Lavender to create the perfect harmony and nutrient dense treatment.  

For anywhere hair and body! Use on underarms, pubic, legs, and head. 

"I launched Agender Oil because I wanted to be more than a company that puts out a product that claims to care about its community and environment, but rather to claim this and also apply action through it. It's important for me to connect with my community through my work, as a business owner, and as a queer woman. This felt like a conduit to pursuing and cultivating that connection and care in an authentic and honest way that feels very personal and close to me." - Gloria Noto

As of now, NOTO has raised over $17,000 in donations for local non-profits.


    Organic Hemp Seed Oil: rich in omega fatty acids that promote hair growth 
      Vetiver: anti-inflammatory , smokey scent
        Lavender: calming, soft scent
        • Natural & organic ingredients
        • Gender fluid
        • Vegan & cruelty Free
        • 2 oz 

        NOTO is a natural, fluid in gender, multi-use cosmetic line that is packed with uncomplicated yet high performing natural & organic ingredients. NOTO celebrates ferocious courage in individuality with conscious living, and by cultivating a creative and mindful community. Through the sales of NOTO’s Agender Oil, they have raised over $17,000 for local non-profits that support those in need, equality, and the arts. All NOTO products and ingredients are vegan, cruelty free, slave/child labor free, and packaged sustainably.