Lion in the Grass Risograph Print
Lion in the Grass Risograph Print

Lion in the Grass Risograph Print

Risograph printing is an environmentally friendly duplicating process that works much like a screen print. Each color is laid down separately, allowing for vibrant shades and rich ink coverage. Slight imperfections and overlapping colors create a lo-fi quality that lends warmth and character to each print.
  • Printed in Canada with soy based inks
  • Packed with sturdy backing. Slips flat.
  • Frame not included.
  • 11" x 14"

Xenia Taler creates home and lifestyle goods inspired by culture, modernity and craftsmanship. The collection includes paper products, greeting cards, decorative objects and housewares. Some items are handmade in-house (her studio has been producing ceramic products since 1996) while others are fabricated by a variety of producers, from small family-run businesses to large factories. Local manufacturing is used whenever possible with a focus on employing sustainable materials.