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Facial Roller - Opal

Facial Roller - Opal


Maximize your skincare routine by incorporating this crystal roller to massage your skin. Facial rolling is a popular facial massage technique that promotes healthy, glowing complexion. Our facial lifting tool incorporates a natural one-of-a-kind gemstone with rose gold accents.

The opal is a crystal which embodies the energies and colors of a myriad of crystals. This unique crystal helps promote good luck and hope. This crystal cans also help open up the intuitive nature and help aid in the creative process. 

  • 100% Handcrafted Stone
  • Natural Opal

Honey Belle is a small, natural, beauty brand from Southern California. Honey Belle's mission is to generate health and self-confidence in individuals by producing clean, green, and highly-effective products. They believe in compassion and making a difference in the community. Honey Belle works with local and global organizations, providing soap to impoverished people with every soap purchase.