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Lavande Travel Set

Lavande Travel Set


Lavande's travel set is the perfect addition to any trip. Grab and go with Lavande's favorite products gathered together in TSA-approved sizes. Everything you need for a luxurious weekend is packaged together in a clear zippered pouch. Enjoy all natural body wash, lotion, linen spray, shampoo and conditioner all featuring Lavande's signature lavender scent.

  • 2 oz. each
  • Hand made
  • Natural Ingredients

Lavande takes a simple agricultural product, lavender, and transforms this commodity into multiple products for use by people of all ages and stages.  The product is both consumable and sustainable, using the best practices in the industry.  What began as a difficult, but worthwhile adventure in Texas is now becoming a soaring, joyful thrill on a ridge in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley in the Central Coast of California. Lavande is constantly researching and developing new products as resources and market allow. Lavande  is committed to excellence and hard work.  Farmer Craig is personally involved in every aspect of Lavande, from farming the land to production to marketing.