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Anywhere Vases - White
Anywhere Vases - White
Anywhere Vases - White

Anywhere Vases - White


This set of 3 playfully simple shapes instantly transform vessels into vases. Designed to accommodate a variety of vessel and stem diameters—these cork-backed Anywhere Vases make displaying and arranging your flowers and foliage effortless!

  • Made in the USA.
  • Powder coated steel, cork
  • Set of 3 : circle, square, triangle
  • 4.75″ (circle), 4″ (square), 3.75″ (triangle)

Fruitsuper is a Seattle based design studio.  Founded in 2008, Fruitsuper celebrates constraints, obsesses over details, is dedicated to quality, and focused on creating elevated everyday objects. Designed with intent and integrity, crafted for living, and always American made.

Fruitsuper partners to combine big ideas with simple solutions, exhaustively working through each and every detail and building lasting relationships with skilled manufacturers. They are passionately nerdy about materials and manufacturing, and get just as giddy to start each new project as they did the very first time.

Fruitsuper believes in community, collaboration, finding inspiration everywhere, and the simple importance of play.