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Bamboo Velour Washpads

Bamboo Velour Washpads


These circular cloths will soon become your favorite part of cleansing.

Soak Nash and Jones' super soft bamboo cloth in hot water to give a warm steam as you gently wipe the face before/after cleansing.

  • Machine washable with whites without bleach, air dry
  • Set of six super soft bamboo velour double-sided make-up remover pads to replace cotton balls and/or use to wipe off makeup/use with cleansing oil.
  • Bamboo Velour (70% Bamboo Viscose made from Organic Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 2% Poly).
The Nashville based company, Nash and Jones began out of necessity. After their own family began having terrible reactions to products filled with chemicals, dyes, perfumes and preservatives, the Rohwer’s adopted a more natural lifestyle. Nash & Jones made a commitment to craft products that were not only amazing for skin and body but performed even better than big box shelf alternatives. They make products that are cruelty free, responsibly harvested, naturally derived, and nourishing from the earth.