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Cacti Tattoos
Cacti Tattoos

Cacti Tattoos


Little ones will love these cheery colorful temporary tattoos. Perfect as little gifts or party favors.

  • Temporary/ safe for sensitive skins
  • Neon print detail
  • Pack of 2 sheets
  • Pack dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 0.125 inches

Meri Meri has been a beacon of imagination for over 30 years, from founder, Meredithe Stuart Smith's creating her first hand-made cards on her kitchen table to Meri Meri's present studio of designers, illustrators and crafters conjuring up party products, decorations, children’s toys and stationery. Everything Meri Meri produces undergoes an imaginative evolution, starting with that spark of a new idea through to the careful choice of a finish to make a product perfect.