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Cloudforest x OLO Chocolate - Dark Chocolate

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A 70% dark chocolate bar that envelops the warmth of cardamom with a breeze of bergamot as it moves through a path of wild Bolivian cacao.

This chocolate bar results from Cloudforest's friendship with OLO Fragrance and their shared joy for abstract olfactory and gustative composition.

  • Weight: 1.2345 oz (35 gr)
  • Ingredients: organic cacao beans, organic cacao butter, organic cane sugar, cardamom, bergamot orange
  • 70% cacao dark chocolate

In 1989, 5 year-old Sebastian Cisneros was gliding through the countryside in his family’s car, descending down from the Andes in Ecuador, transitioning from the lush cloud forest down into the tropical lowlands. Through the open windows the aroma of just-fermented cacao seeds drying on hot pavement fascinated and confused and ultimately enchanted young Sebastian.

In the fall of 2009, Sebastian embarked upon a mission to tease out and understand the nuances of cacao and create unconventional chocolate flavor combinations. His initial setup only allowed us to source already-processed chocolate from larger fine chocolate makers in Europe, combine it with his recipes, and reshape it into bars.

In 2014, he launched Cloudforest's first chocolate bar featuring single-estate Ecuadorian cacao, under the name Cloudforest. Unlike their previous releases, this bar marked the first time they took control of all processing steps from dry cacao beans to its final chocolate form. These steps included roasting the cacao beans, refining the roasted cacao with sugar, and conching (homogenizing and deacidifying) the chocolate to improve flavor and texture.

Cloudforest has been fortunate to grow at an independent pace to a point where their chocolate is now represented through various retail outlets across the country, including ours. Their growth has allowed Cloudforest to strengthen their relationships with cacao and vanilla growers and build a small team of avid chocolate makers who now are an integral part and contributors to this story.