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Onyx Coffee

Geometry (Washed) Craft Coffee

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Geometry has been defined as "describing spaces that lie beyond the normal range of human experience." Soon it will also be defined as "that coffee from Onyx that I am in love with and completely redefined my relationship with coffee."

It's Onyx's answer for everything and has two of their favorite coffees—a washed processed Ethiopian & Colombian. This blend has become one of Onyx's favorite coffees. We love it as a filter coffee, and we love it as espresso. And not only does is it taste great as either but it's easy to dial in as espresso or filter.

  • 10oz
  • Origin: Colombia, Ethiopia
  • Process: Washed
    • Elevation: 1950- 2100 Meters
    • Cup: Blueberry, Sweet Lemon, Honey, Silky & Round, Black Tea
    • Cup Score: 87

    “Never Settle for Good Enough” is a mantra that resonated with Onyx years ago before they knew it would be their guiding star in everything they pursued. 

    Today this mantra is lived out by starting with traveling to find the absolute best coffees. This plays out across different countries, continents, and terrains. Onyx maintains  high standards for how their coffees score and taste. When the coffees land at their HQ, they roast and cup and make minute adjustments to the roast profiles until they make the coffees shine in the cup.

    The coffee that Onyx roasts and ships every weekday utilizing solar energy from the roof of their facility. A sample is taken from each roast and cupped for quality, to track the characteristics of their coffees, and to give feedback on roast profiles. This ensures that every coffee that goes out not only meets their standards but is truly remarkable. This data is even available to view on their website. 

    Each coffee Onyx offers is accompanied by its pricing and trade data, meaning you can see what Onyx paid for it, what it scored at, who they bought it from, and other details right on its product page on their website. This is not only something Onyx is very proud of but is also a practice that is rare to see in coffee. Onyx wants you to see exactly how this coffee came to be one of their offerings. Their producing partners innovate and work hard to grow some of the most amazing coffees, and Onyx wants their names to be listed and recognized.

    Whether you’re a coffee professional or you’re just getting started, you can trust that excellence and hospitality run through the core of every part of Onyx's business.