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El Sol

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At first glance, the two objects at the forefront of this photograph are seemingly unrelated. Jazmin's paternal grandfather who lives in Neza, Mexico crafts leather gloves by hand. Neza is a city named after the pre-Columbian era Mexican scholar, warrior, architect, poet, and ruler Nezahualcoyotl.
Known for their sprawling size, urban atmosphere devoid of colonial structures, and crime rates that are one of the highest in Mexico, Neza is STILL LIFE for many locals like Jazmin's grandfather.
The glove in this photograph was made by her grandfather and gifted to Jazmin as a little reminder of home--her origins. Despite the dangerous environment, Jazmin's grandfather's home is still a place of belonging and comfort for her. The pomegranate tree in her grandfather's backyard represents more than just bearing fruit for her grandparents--it symbolizes the beauty of how intentionally her grandfather creates a place of belonging and nourishment for his community through his home.
His home serves as an open house for those in need, and in a quiet and unpretentious way, Jazmin's grandfather shares his light with Jazmin, and his neighborhood in Neza--El Sol. 
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While Jazmin was working on her film degree, she was advised by her cinematographer mentor, Coronado, to take a beginners photo class so she could work on her composition. It was there where she found her love for still moments and manipulations of moments in time. 

Jazmin Ramirez is currently a freelance photographer and coffee professional. She works for Gifted in Fort Worth, TX where she styles and photographs numerous products from small makers. During her down time, you can find her making a tasty pour over at home, finding any excuse to travel to Mexico City, and finding new inspiration from her favorite Kinfolk magazine.