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Hazel Village Elf Costume Front View
Hazel Village Elf Costume Back View
Hazel Village Elf Costume Box Front View
Hazel Village Elf Costume Flat Lay
Hazel Village Elf Costume Close Up
Hazel Village Elf Costume Side View

Elf Costume


In the forest with the wild plants and animals, Phoebe Fawn loves to play "Fairies and Elves" - She says it's a game like Hide and Seek, except more enchanted. Phoebe keeps colorful feathers and stones in her satchel to leave clues for her friends.

This elf costume fits all the animals. It comes with a stretchy cotton tunic, olive green cotton tights with pointy toes, a green wool felt elf hat, and a green canvas satchel. It comes packaged in a little box.

  • Hand wash, air dry
  • Doll not included


Hazel Village started in 2010 as a creative project by maker and designer Jan Van Cleef. One day she made a toy that she would have liked as a child out of scraps in the front room of her apartment in Brooklyn. She started making more for friends and started listing her dolls on Etsy, each with its own little outfit and back story. In the years since, she has expanded her business by finding responsible makers and never sacrificing heirloom quality at a reasonable price. Hazel Village is named after the American Hazelnut tree: a source of delicious nuts, magical divining rods, useful twigs for basketry, and food for caterpillars.