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Something + Nothing

Hibiscus + Rose Premium Soda

Hibiscus + Rose Premium Soda

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Based on a drink the Something & Nothing team tried in Sri Lanka (which was delicious but a bit sweet). Their take is sharp, refreshing, botanical and totally unexpected. You might think you don’t like rose - but trust us, this is not what you are expecting. It will blow your Birkenstocks off.

Tastes like: Refreshment from another dimension

Great with: anything from Alison Roman to Ottolenghi, a perfect pair for the vivid, herb-forward cuisine of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

  • Great Taste Award - 1 star
  • All of Something & Nothing's Premium Sodas contain grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavor.
  • Something & Nothing's Premium Sodas are naturally low in calories - under 41 calories per can.
  • 11oz

Something & Nothing's mission is to refresh people and planet, both literally and holistically, through inspiration, culture, shared values and experiences. They have been inspired by ideas, moments, experiences, culture and people in creating Something & Nothing. All of which helped to build their values and ethos as a company.

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