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Hide + Seek Dish
Hide + Seek Dish
Hide + Seek Dish
Hide + Seek Dish
Hide + Seek Dish

Hide + Seek Dish


The details of this porcelain dish were inspired by the natural flaws found in leather. Each has a unique edge and gold rimmed opening that mimics the leather's inherent qualities. Use as a catchall or as a special serving plate. 

  • 22k gold
  • Porcelain
  • Glazed upper portion, raw porcelain underneath
  • Handmade in the USA

As the artist and designer behind Amber E Lea, Amber's focus is to create innovative and balanced designs using clay to translate thought and inspiration into a tangible object.

Inspired by the colors of the high New Mexican deserts, simplistic lines of mid-century design, and the need for products that support an active lifestyle, her goal is to bring fine art into daily life.

As a Southern-based design company, Amber specializes in incorporating a contemporary vision into the ceramic tradition, while maintaining a true-to-self sense of style.

Originally, Amber's focus was to create large sculptures and the jewelry pieces have evolved from there. She's always thought of the jewelry as wearable miniature sculptures. Some are subtle enough to be worn everyday, others are bold pieces meant to make an impact.

Amber's passion is being able to combine my love for fine art with fashion in an innovative and ethical way. The processes and styles have evolved over the years into unique and playful designs and she is always looking forward to what's next.