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Ilse Coffee

Colombia Craft Coffee - Pastor Ordoñez

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 It is such a joy to have Pastor's coffee back on Ilse's menu. His coffee continues to blow us away with the consistency and incredible flavor complexity and this harvest is a real standout. The cup is deeply complex, showcasing everything we love about Pink Bourbon.

Ilse's team tastes a huge range of tropical fruit flavors that make it hard to pick out just a few. Some flavors they taste are passion fruit, mango, and fresh melon with incredible acidity and a lush floral honey body that is so, so pleasing. It is incredibly layered with flavors that continue to build as you drink the cup. 

This year, Ilse was able to increase their purchasing from Pastor greatly and between the Mitaca and the main harvest, they hope to have his coffee on their menu throughout the year.

  • We taste: Fresh Melon, Passionfruit, Floral tea
  • Region: Las Chinas, San Agustin, Huila
  • Varietal: Pink Bourbon
  • Altitude: 1800 MASL
  • Harvest: July-August 2021 Mitaca harvest
  • Process: Washed


About Pastor:

Pastor is a 3rd generation coffee producer. His lineage goes back to some of the earliest producers in the area. He has spent his entire life as a coffee producer, starting at the age of 18, and has established himself as a well-respected grower. We find this evident in the cup and feel truly lucky to be able to work with him. 

His farm, El Placer, is 4 Hectares and started with only 4,000 Caturra trees after years of working alongside his parents who grew Caturra and Typica. Pastor has and continues to play an instrumental role in the development of specialty coffee in the area. Now Pastor grows some of the most beautiful Pink Bourbon we have tasted, and he also just started planting some SL-28 which we are thrilled to taste in the coming years 

Ilse Coffee is female-founded company based out of Stamford, Connecticut. Ilse Coffee is committed to being as open and transparent as possible about the way they do business and who they do business with.

Ilse Coffee is a small, micro-roasting company who seeks out the highest quality coffee to roast and serve. They work with importers, who value transparency as much as they do, to find producers who demonstrate an interest in quality and sustainability.

Buying from smaller producers is an important priority for Ilse Coffee, as they want to have a clear understanding of the supply chain they are participating in, as well as uphold their desire and commitment to clearly pass that information on to you.

Important information for us to share with you, our customer:

Producer or group of producers. Who grew the coffee?

Length of relationship with producer. Is this a producer we have been working with year-after-year? If so, why? And for how long?

Price that the producer received for their coffee. This is referred to as "farmgate" and is generally listed in the local currency (which we will convert to USD as accurately as possible).

FOB price. The price of the coffee after it has been milled and is at the port for export.

Cost of production. How much it cost to produce a lb. or kilo of coffee (which can be difficult information to obtain but something we will try and find whenever possible).


How do they purchase coffee? 
Each harvest they receive numerous pre-shipment samples from their importing and exporting partners which are samples of the best coffees from that harvest. They analyze the green coffee, roast small 50-gram samples, and cup the coffees to assess the quality and to determine if its a coffee that excites us. Most of their coffees are purchased while the coffee is still at origin but they do also buy a number of spot coffees.

What do they consider when purchasing?
When purchasing we consider the quality and the traceability of the coffee. Is it from a single producer or group of producers? Where exactly does this coffee come from?
They consider the size of the producer's farm, as they are most interested in working with smaller producers who we can have the greatest impact and growth with.
They take a look at the varieties grown on the farm, the elevation of the farm, farm practices, as well as if we have worked with this producer before.
Other items they consider: How will the coffee fit into their menu? Are they able to find out the farm gate price of the coffee? What about cost of production?

Ilse Coffee believes, like with most things, starting with the best raw product is extremely important. They look for coffees that are naturally sweet and flavorful, as they have a strong appreciation for a fruit-forward cup. With that being said, they are an ingredient-driven coffee company.

Ilse's goal as coffee roasters is to bring out the natural sweetness and flavor
that is a result of all the hard work done by producers at origin. They never want to impart any roast flavor in our already beautifully vibrant coffees. They want to bring out the truth in the coffee they buy.