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Jazmin has had a keen eye for seeing beauty and creating beauty since a young age, but privately she has long shared feelings of self-doubt resulting in years of training as her harshest critic. Often getting in her own way of her creative process, in this photograph
Jazmin bares all and shows her truest reflection as an artist--one who appears in bloom to others but feels unworthy of seeing her own beauty's reflection. In this photograph, Jazmin uses her compositional mastery to show these various sides of herself--a fluidity that offers the viewer glimmers of hope that she will turn around and face the mirror some day.
The subtle suspense of this piece is what draws us in as an active participant in this photograph. The viewer is left glued to the mirror hoping that the flower will see how beautiful her reflection truly is.
Isn't it STILL LIFE when finding our own beauty seems too heavy a burden to face? 
  • Archival Print, 2021
  • Signed print 
  • This purchase does not include the frame
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While Jazmin was working on her film degree, she was advised by her cinematographer mentor, Coronado, to take a beginners photo class so she could work on her composition. It was there where she found her love for still moments and manipulations of moments in time. 

Jazmin Ramirez is currently a freelance photographer and coffee professional. She works for Gifted in Fort Worth, TX where she styles and photographs numerous products from small makers. During her down time, you can find her making a tasty pour over at home, finding any excuse to travel to Mexico City, and finding new inspiration from her favorite Kinfolk magazine.