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Kendall Davis

KD x Gifted Exclusive Incense Holder - Black

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A special collaboration between Gifted and Kendall Davis. Created when both businesses were in their infancy, this beautiful ceramic disc represents our dear friendship with Kendall and how our joint design ethos celebrates minimalism.
  • Material: clay earthenware
  • Between 5" - 6" inches in diameter
  • Due to the handmade nature, each piece will vary in size, shape, and color
  • Handmade in Ft. Worth, TX 

Kendall Davis is a local ceramicist living in Forth Worth, Texas. Kendall is interested in creating poetic, utilitarian ceramic pieces that are also well crafted.
She has both a BFA and MFA in Fine Art. The educational experience, for Kendall, impacts her work daily as she recalls the Giorgio Morandi influence often in her own work. Morandi, known for his paintings of still but organically moving, simplistic vases serves as a this poetic influence. 

Everything is handmade, beginning with a bag of clay.  Kendall throws, trims and dries the pieces before firing twice; first for bisque, then for glazing. Each piece is made.