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Fanny Penny

Large Luna Glyph - Matte White

Large Luna Glyph - Matte White

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One-of-a-kind sculptural work for the wall combining stoneware and fiber, made by ceramic artist Fanny Penny of Duo Luto. 

Handmade using a combination of sculptural clay techniques, rya knotting and rope making. Each piece is unique and sits flush on the wall with a rope portion above. 

Clay Piece is Approximately: 2' Diameter

Total Length is Approximately: 4' Long


Duo Luto coalesced from the cosmic dust of Fanny Penny and Nicholas Ali.

Years of traveling space-time together, collecting rocks, books, textiles, and listening to the wind have been distilled into shapes to touch and hold.

If you place all of the pieces just so, the body of work is an almanac of sorts, a bit of cartography, and can evoke thoughts of a primitive melody one might find flowing from a lyre.

You can visit this realm in their small showroom in Ojai, California where it was once asked of Fanny “is this a temple?”, and on another occasion described as a place you might be able to find “wizard supplies ‘n shit”.

They are currently raising three wild animals, two of which are small, prolific artists, and the third looks suspiciously like a coyote.

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