Mezzaluna; Italian for “crescent.”

A space to rest your sage bundle or palo santo...light some incense, take some deep breathes and rest a moment or stretch your limbs...decorate with dried flowers... or a fresh flower you find on a walk...for your votive candle...adorn with earth treasures, reflect on their beauty and PAUSE in gratitude...

  • A cloud white glaze on speckled clay body.
  • Handmade in Slo, Ca.

Roaming Barefoot grew out of a life long love for creating art in a wide variety of mediums. Each one of a kind piece is hand built, fired and glazed in the artist's little home studio. Anicia is a one woman show and thus her essence is thoughtfully put into each and every piece. Anicia's hope is for the energy behind each piece to invoke the importance of spending time in nature and taking time for pause and meditation.

"Choosing to stay connected to body, mind and spirit in the best way I know how: creating."