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Mint No. 9 Toothpicks

Mint No. 9 Toothpicks


Daneson's Mint No. 9, a deceivingly simple blend, required two years of development. Blending wintergreen, peppermint, spearmint, sweet fennel and additional essential oils, it has a well balanced character. And it was worth the effort -- this recipe has not changed and is still on of their most robust and long lasting blends. 

As a general rule, Daneson likes to under-promise and over-deliver--with this in mind, each bottle has a minimum of a dozen toothpicks. 

  • One bottle holds at least 12 toothpicks

Purity and process are more than words at Daneson. Daneson toothpicks are made from bone white - American milled- northern white birch. They plant 100 trees for each one they cut to make their products. They are committed to the subtle character of natural ingredients. Peter Smith, the found of Daneson, set out to illustrate that doing the right thing works when you make a simple product beautiful and in a principled way. All of their materials come from American and Canadian suppliers, with the exception of their Islay Malt Scotch and their Portuguese corks. All of their ingredients are real, pure, and natural, they are not synthetic replications. All of their lumber comes from managed American forests. At Daneson, value is created through respect. Respect for forests, materials, people and the world at large.