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Natural Dye Scarf - Red Onion/Red Cabbage
Natural Dye Scarf - Red Onion/Red Cabbage

Natural Dye Scarf - Red Onion/Red Cabbage


Handmade and hand dyed with natural dyes in Fort Worth, Texas, these beautifully lightweight scarves are the perfect addition to your wardrobe for spring. Can be worn casually with a t-shirt and jeans, or dressed up.  Each scarf is truly one of a kind and meant to be treasured and worn with love. 

  • 80" x 19"
  • Linen + Cotton
  • Dyed with Orange and other citrus fruit's skin
  • Handmade in Fort Worth, Texas

Yeahwa is a local fine artist who immigrated from South Korea in High school and received her MFA from The Art Institute of Chicago. The focus of most of her art and training is in oil painting, but Yeahwa's curiosities led her to learn many other art mediums such as jewelry making, ceramics, fiber arts, watercolor, and natural dyeing to name a few. Though well-known and celebrated at the peak of her painting career in Chicago, starting a family led her to move to Los Angeles and abandon her fine art career to start a business and provide for her family. Yeahwa created one of the most successful Art Studio and Galleries in Torrance, California and operated it for 17 years before she closed her business to retire to Fort Worth, Texas. 

Today, she spends her time as an organic gardener and true free artist, exploring mediums and creative outlets that fancy her. She is also the mother of our shop owner and a proud grandmother to Eloise.