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Onyx Coffee

Onyx Coffee - Colombia Aponte Village

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This unique offering has become foundational in Onyx's Colombia sourcing programs for the last five years. Farmed by the Inga Indigenous community these coffees are intensely sweet like honey accompanied by an underlying fruit pulp and floral nature.

This year's offering has been extra laborious as we cupped through an extraordinary amount of small farms in the village finally purchasing 18 in total and homogenizing them at origin. This is Onyx's best Aponte release to date and hats off to the producers and their cupping team for this offering.

Story of this Coffee

The old colloquialism is that it takes a village to raise a child… It also takes a village to produce the macro-lot of honey processed goodness that is Onyx's Aponte Village. Aponte Village resides at a mountainous 2100m in the lush region of Nariño. Each year Onyx works closely with their friend Pedro at Pergamino coffee to cup through single producer lots in order to build a large Aponte lot that they feel fits the best cup profile of the region.

This year the Onyx team decided to dig into a deeper level and cup each single producer lot that was flagged for them, getting detailed sensory details on each component. This allowed them to build their full container Aponte lot bit by bit… adding a fruity and wild lot here, and a clean and juicy lot there.

Altogether Onyx cupped through thirty-eight single producers lots, eighteen of which were selected to comprise their Aponte offering for this season. Here’s a full breakdown of the names of each producer and families contribution to their large lot - Ximena Martinez, Mery Martinez, Edmondo Ceron, Leodan Gomez, Juan Pajimuy, Edmundo Ceron, Emilio Chasoy, Luis Evelio Martinez, Arbey Dominguez, Ormaira Guerrero, Campo Elias Guerrero, Luz Mila Dominguez, Edumndo Ceron, Edison Adarme, Idebando Gomez, Zonia Janamejoy, Diego Fernando Santa Cruz, and Hideon Munoz.

Throughout the season, Onyx cupped table after table of these lots, taking care to select only lots that cupped above an 86 on the SCA form, ensuring their macro-lot would arrive at their quality standards. Onyx lists the names of the producers to pass along full transparency info. All these producers are located wtihin the Juanambuú canyon, belonging to the indigenous community of the Inga. Their history spans back to the Inca Empire, who colonized the southern region of Colombia in the late XIV century, a bit before the Spanish came. The land here is communal, and its population is ruled by a “cabildo,” a group of elders that make sure that their ancestral laws and traditions are upheld.

The second reason is the way the coffee is processed. Usually, coffee in Colombia is fermented and washed after its picked and de-pulped. In this case, the coffee was dried before being washed. The intense fermentation process that occurs when coffee is dried without washing its mucilage (honey-like substance around the seed) leads to a cup profile of intense ripe red fruit, that reminds us of cherries and strawberries. This process is very delicate, and if done incorrectly or without the proper conditions can lead to vinegar notes and a terrible cup of coffee. Weather in this region is perfect for this type of drying, as the heavy and cold winds that cross the canyon permit an even and fast drying process of the coffee seed, even covered by its mucilage.

Informational help by Pedro Echevarria (Pergamino)

  • 10oz
  • Variety: Caturra, Bourbon, Castillo
  • Process: Honey Process, Raised Bed Dried
    • Elevation: 2,100 Meters
    • Cup: Cherry, Floral Honey, Chocolate Malt, Papya
    • Please note that the coffee box color may differ than what is shown in the image. Onyx frequently changes the color of their boxes, and since we order fresh from them, we do not know which box colors they will use for our new shipments

    “Never Settle for Good Enough” is a mantra that resonated with Onyx years ago before they knew it would be their guiding star in everything they pursued. 

    Today this mantra is lived out by starting with traveling to find the absolute best coffees. This plays out across different countries, continents, and terrains. Onyx maintains  high standards for how their coffees score and taste. When the coffees land at their HQ, they roast and cup and make minute adjustments to the roast profiles until they make the coffees shine in the cup.

    The coffee that Onyx roasts and ships every weekday utilizing solar energy from the roof of their facility. A sample is taken from each roast and cupped for quality, to track the characteristics of their coffees, and to give feedback on roast profiles. This ensures that every coffee that goes out not only meets their standards but is truly remarkable. This data is even available to view on their website. 

    Each coffee Onyx offers is accompanied by its pricing and trade data, meaning you can see what Onyx paid for it, what it scored at, who they bought it from, and other details right on its product page on their website. This is not only something Onyx is very proud of but is also a practice that is rare to see in coffee. Onyx wants you to see exactly how this coffee came to be one of their offerings. Their producing partners innovate and work hard to grow some of the most amazing coffees, and Onyx wants their names to be listed and recognized.

    Whether you’re a coffee professional or you’re just getting started, you can trust that excellence and hospitality run through the core of every part of Onyx's business.