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Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)
Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)

Handmade Face Mask - Adult (Buy One Give One)

Butterfly Embroidery

The CDC now recommends that all individuals wear a fabric face mask while social distancing to slow the spread of virus' that spread through droplet transmission. We partnered with our shop owner's mom (Yeahwa), a local artist and jackie-of-all-trades, to create these beautiful and effective face masks for you to wear. 

The exterior fabric of each mask is dyed by Yeahwa with avocado scraps that are boiled down and combined with alum or iron to dye the fabric. They are then washed, ironed, cut, and sewn to become the masks we present to you today.

Please note that this mask does not guarantee protection from droplet transmission, but acts as an additional barrier. There is a side entry to the mask where you can insert a HEPA filter if desired. The elastic attached to the mask is unfinished so that you can adjust it to the perfect fit for you, trim it off, and tuck it into the side of the mask. 

The butterfly has been a significant symbol throughout our shop owner's adult life, and we thought it would be a beautiful way to embellish the mask if you so desired at no additional charge. 

Most importantly, we are doing a one-for-one donation of each mask sale to non-profits who work with people on the front line or do not have access to face masks. 

Please understand that we partnered exclusively with one local artist, and are not working with multiple sewers or a factory to make these. Each item is hand-dyed and handmade by one person which makes them limited in quantity. Our goal is to provide our customers with a beautiful handmade mask option that they can enjoy wearing while spreading a little bit of good in our community. Please note that we are offering these particular masks at the cost of 2 masks.

If you are desperately in need of a face mask at a lower price point, please don't hesitate to message us and we will connect you directly with contacts that can help you out. 

  • Please allow extra time (7-10 days processing) before shipment as each one is made to order to your customization.
  • Outer layer: 100% cotton, natural dyed avocado (Darker color is avocado + iron, Light color is avocado + alum). Photo shows the dark color. The lighter color has a pink tint. 
  • Inner Layer: 100% cotton, undyed and unbleached
  • Pocket insert to allow for a HEPA filter if desired. If you use a filter when wearing the mask, we advise you double stick tape the sides to create a seal 
  • Adjustable elastic strap
  • Fits most adults
  • Washing after every use is recommended. Light iron can be used but is not necessary.
  • Handmade in Fort Worth, Texas 

 Yeahwa is a local fine artist who immigrated from South Korea in High school and received her MFA from The Art Institute of Chicago. The focus of most of her art and training is in oil painting, but Yeahwa's curiosities led her to learn many other art mediums such as jewelry making, ceramics, fiber arts, watercolor, and natural dyeing to name a few. Though well-known and celebrated at the peak of her painting career in Chicago, starting a family led her to move to Los Angeles and abandon her fine art career to start a business and provide for her family. Yeahwa created one of the most successful Art Studio and Galleries in Torrance, California and operated it for 17 years before she closed her business to retire to Fort Worth, Texas. 

Today, she spends her time as an organic gardener and true free artist, exploring mediums and creative outlets that fancy her. She is also the mother of our shop owner and a proud grandmother to Eloise.