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Smoko Memories Incense

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This incense BLOWS OUR MIINDS.

We cannot tell you enough how much we love this incense scent at Gifted--an immediate favorite!

A warm intoxicating foray into twilight in summer. Dark cobalt blue skies and the smokey and sweet smell of cigarettes hung on the lips of passersby. Bare feet on cool grass. The echoes of laughter and conversations being carried on the breeze. Lounging languidly in a sepia lit park while the atmosphere vibrates with the gentle hum of crickets. Running fingertips over the velvety earth and leaning into a comfortable reverie of love.

  • 25 incense bamboo sticks
  • Fragrance notes: cedar wood, juniper, clove, black pepper, fennel, nutmeg, citrus lemon
  • 60 minutes of burning time with a proper incense chamber

Every product made for Bau Bau is crafted by hand in Bali. Burning incense daily is part of the ceremonial rituals of Bali, and the craft of making beautiful, soft, and delicate incense has been perfected by local artisans.

Bau Bau - An invitation to practice the art of daily rituals and to play with the senses

Suku Home is bringing leisure into your everyday life. Bedding and lounge wear designed in Melbourne, and ethically hand-made and dyed in Bali.

SUKU Home is rooted in authenticity, sustainability, and connecting our global community under ethical fair trade practices and shared experiences. Real people with real stories have skillfully handcrafted each product, weaving their lives into our own. These are more than just decorative pieces; they symbolize a place of tranquility where you can escape and dream.