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Strength and Sorrow

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Loss, represented here in black, takes center stage as Jazmin portrays how she's recently grappled with loss in its many forms.  Loss of physical life, loss of relationships, loss of motivation...for Jazmin, grief has many delicate forms and often comes when she least expects it. The inevitability of sorrow sets into Jazmin's life, STILL LIFE persists and forces her to muster up the courage to process, to change, to stand strong.
Through this photograph, Jazmin shares with us that finding strength is a process. Are we really standing on our own, or is this a brief moment when we lean on our foundational core. What are the boundaries of our foundation when it is tested and broken, what happens next? Do we grow roots in the ground to hold ourselves up or do we die?
In this seemingly dark piece, Jazmin shows us that strength and beauty can still be found in loss and that it is always worth fighting for.
  • Archival Print, 2021
  • Signed print 
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While Jazmin was working on her film degree, she was advised by her cinematographer mentor, Coronado, to take a beginners photo class so she could work on her composition. It was there where she found her love for still moments and manipulations of moments in time. 

Jazmin Ramirez is currently a freelance photographer and coffee professional. She works for Gifted in Fort Worth, TX where she styles and photographs numerous products from small makers. During her down time, you can find her making a tasty pour over at home, finding any excuse to travel to Mexico City, and finding new inspiration from her favorite Kinfolk magazine.