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Sweet Hot Corn Cheese Seasonings & Recipe Card

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To provide you with the freshest, most flavorful ingredients (and help dismantle centuries of systemic injustice within the spice trade), Occo taps into the transparent, sustainable supply chains of small-scale spice merchants that have spent years building relationships at the farm level.

Despite the myth that spices are good for years, ground spices actually lose flavor within 3-6 months. Oxygen, light, heat, and humidity (common occurrences in a kitchen) cause the essential oils in spice to oxidize and decay. Without these aptly-named oils, spices lose their color, aroma, and flavor.
Occo spices are portioned into half-teaspoon pods and sealed for airtight freshness using a modified atmosphere packaging technique. 
Without oxygen, decay is slowed down significantly, and shelf life is dramatically extended.

Occo spice pods are made from aluminum, the most recycled and most recyclable material on the planet. (75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today!) The rest of the spice card is made from paperboard which is easily recycled with paper and cardboard.

This spice card is created by Chef Deuki Hong.

Pulverized Flamin’ Hot Cheetos (yes, really) take the already indulgent pairing of sweet white corn and melty mozzarella to a revelatory new level.

“For some reason, this is a favorite at my SF chicken joint Sunday Bird. Probably because it combines super sweet corn, salty-creamy mozzarella, and the final spicy-cheesy kick of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. With that many delicious things in one dish, it’s hard to go wrong.”

-Deuki Hong

  • Serves 2
  • Fair Trade
  • Small-batch
  • Organic
  • Comes with QR code to digital recipe
  • 8 1/2 Teaspoon Pods Included
    • 2 Gochugaru Chile
    • 2 Chives
    • 2 Parsley
    • 2 California Onion Powder

Deuki Hong: Executive Chef & Owner of The Sunday Family

Deuki is a Korean-American chef who moved to the U.S. at the age of 1. Deuki was the Executive Chef of the smash-hit Baekjeong NYC in Manhattan’s Koreatown, and is also the co-author of the New York Times best seller, Koreatown: A Cookbook. In 2017, Deuki launched Sunday Hospitality Group in San Francisco, which has concepts such as Sunday Bird, Sunday Gather, and Sunday at the Museum inside the Asian Art Museum.

Spice in this Recipe Card Highlight: Gochugaru Chile

Smoky and sweet, with a mild earthiness, crunchy texture, and moderate, pleasant heat. An essential ingredient in many Korean dishes, including the iconic sauce Gochujang.

These chiles are such a key part of Korean cuisine, their name is a generic noun. Call it the kleenex effect: gochugaru literally translates as “chile powder.”

  • Native to: South Korea
  • Plant family: Solanaceae
  • Raw form: Chile
  • Scoville: <1.500

Two co-workers-turned-friends-turned-co-founders who were so obsessed with the idea of getting just enough spices that they designed a spice pod and set up a factory.

In the same way a pinch of spice can transform a meal, Occo's hope is that tiny portions can help transform the food industry.

40% of all food sold in the U.S. is ultimately wasted—and the founders were fed up. Occo allows you to buy just what you need and use it all before it can go bad, thereby conserving resources and reducing the carbon emissions associated with growing and transporting ingredients that end up in the trash.