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Pineapple Collaborative

The Apple Cider Vinegar

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The apple of our eye <3

The Apple Cider Vinegar (a.k.a. The ACV) is crafted in collaboration with farmer and producer Joanne Krueger, using organic Gravenstein, Red Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, and Pink Pearl apples hand-harvested from her orchard, Little Apple Treats.

Fun fact: The ACV has 50% more vinegar than other specialty brands on the market! And we pine for every last drop.

Like a good wine, apple cider vinegar will age nicely. Each bottle of The ACV comes with a live vinegar mother: probiotic-rich strands of protein that signal a healthy, delicious, and high-quality vinegar. It’s not harmful at all, but you can slow the growth by storing in the fridge. Otherwise, store your bottle in a cool dry pantry.

”I love the magic of fermentation – how you can change simple apple juice into a wonderful ingredient with complex flavor changes! I also love how tiny shifts, like the type of barrel it's aged in, can produce big flavor differences.“
  • Delivered in a 400ml (13.5oz) glass bottle
  • Store in fridge or cool and dry pantry 
  • Enjoy with five spice marinades, mustard-y dressings, seasonal shrubs, fire cider, and, yes, even baked goods!
  • Hand picked in California
  • Rich in probiotics
  • Small-batch
  • Made by women 

Pineapple Collaborative started as a simple potluck dinner with the founders' friends in 2015. At the time, brands everywhere seemed to be on a mission to “build community,” yet they never really felt welcome. So the founders decided to start the kind of community they wished existed and to show up where it counts—in your kitchen, online, and in real life. 

Back then Pineapple was known as “Pineapple DC” and its founding team-- Ariel Pasternak, Raisa Aziz, Ann Yang, Maddie Morales, Jordan Miller, and Atara Bernstein-- hosted events across Washington, DC spotlighting incredible women in food and building community. As their momentum grew, Pineapple DC became Pineapple Collaborative-- expanding their events to New York, the Bay Area, and Los Angeles while launching digital content too.

Today, Pineapple is led by Ariel and Atara, Dani Dillon, Rebecca Kligerman, and many others who contribute in ways big and small to create this thriving community.

In the Fall of 2019, they launched their first products--The Olive Oil & The Apple Cider Vinegar: one drop in our mission to express our style, identity, and values through food.