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Homa Studios

Trio Vase

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Trio --- a funky ceramic flower vase. Pair it with equally vibrant, eclectic cuttings, or go for something understated to balance out the wavy form.

  •  Color: Natural Finish
  • Dimensions: 4” L 2.75” W 4.75” H

Homa Studios creates objects that propose new visions of the everyday. Their intention is to go beyond the physical home, in search of the surprises and joys found within. You’ll find Homa melding craftsmanship, emerging technology and uncompromising collaboration in all of it’s explorations.

Founded by artist Altarik Banks, A native of East Orange, New Jersey. Leading the charge as design principal - he designs forms with a deep interest in materials, sustainability, and fabrication processes.

Collaboration is at the heart of Altarik’s design process. It is true that the best ideas emerge from merging worlds. He takes pride in working with young newly emerging talent (pretty much all his friends) to bring out the best in each other.