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Whole Together Card
Whole Together Card

Whole Together Card


This Whole Together Card was illustrated by Jacqueline Suskin. 

Jacqueline Suskin is a poet and educator. She believes that words are magical tools that help us heal and transform. Since 2009, with her project Poem Store, Jacqueline has written over 30 thousand spontaneous poems for patrons around the world. She sees inspiration as an infinite well, available and accessible to anyone and everyone.

  • 100 lb. heavyweight card stock.
  • foil
  • 4.25" x 5.5" inches

Red Cap Cards is a celebration of art and correspondence. Based in Los Angeles California, husband-and-wife team Hal Mertz and Carrie Gifford have collaborated with some of the world’s greatest artists and illustrators creating one of today’s most well-respected, carefully curated art and design stationery brands.

Each illustrator is hand-selected for their stunning work, individual point-of-view and notable achievements in children’s book illustration, animation, design, and modern art. Red Cap Cards is a platform for artists to reach a broad audience, bringing together the artist’s work and the importance of a handwritten letter. Every artist is a visual storyteller, contributing a unique perspective and connecting people through their art.