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Wooden Cooking Chopsticks - Camphor Wood
Wooden Cooking Chopsticks - Camphor Wood

Wooden Cooking Chopsticks - Camphor Wood


Korean people often use chopsticks for cooking over the stove. These extra long chopsticks are perfect for easy sautéing, grilling meat, and transferring food from your stove to your plate.

  • 100% Camphor wood 
  • Hand wash only 
  • No varnish or chemical coating. Camphor Wood is naturally Anti-Bacterial for life because of the natural oils found within the properties of the wood.
  • Handmade in South Korea

Shinhyeon Woodcraft is a family-run business owned by Park Jaesin and his son Hyeon. Jaesin has over 40 years of experience in woodcraft and is well known for their Dasikpans, tradition Korean dessert boards with carved designs. These days he and Hyeon focus on crafting cutting boards and other kitchen utensils. In creating their work, the Parks have always adhered to traditional Korean woodcraft techniques.

Traditional Korean woodcraft, exemplified in the works of the Parks, is grounded on selecting the best kinds of wood, naturally drying them for an extended period, and crafting them in a way that respects the texture and grain of the wood. Jaesin and Hyeon adhere strictly to this tradition. Wood is extracted from unsplit logs selected by Jaesin himself, from aromatic trees, such as ceder and cypress. The wood is then dried for a year or so in a natural environment, before it is worked on using only hand tools.