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Something + Nothing

Cucumber Premium Soda

Cucumber Premium Soda

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This drink is like a vacation in a can, hence having the picture of a holiday on the can, not a cucumber as you might expect.... Something & Nothing likes a bit of semiotic tomfoolery.

This Premium Soda is lightly effervescent, quenches deeply with the clean freshness of real cucumber and hums with a subtle natural sweetness.

Tastes like: Jumping into a pool after a long day in the sun.

Great with: lunch, brunch or an evening meal. This refreshment bomb is as versatile as it is delicious. Also great as a mezcal or tequila mixer.

  • Great Taste Award - 1 star
  • All of Something & Nothing's Premium Sodas contain grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavor.
  • Something & Nothing's Premium Sodas are naturally low in calories - under 41 calories per can.
  • 11oz

Something & Nothing's mission is to refresh people and planet, both literally and holistically, through inspiration, culture, shared values and experiences. They have been inspired by ideas, moments, experiences, culture and people in creating Something & Nothing. All of which helped to build their values and ethos as a company.

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