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Yiayia & Friends

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Yiayia & Friends

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Yiayia & Friends

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Only the finest Greek extra virgin olive oil from Crete is good enough for yiayia and her friends. Cold pressed to preserve its unique nutritional features and exceptional flavor. In a convenient 500 ml bottle that you can keep on your kitchen counter or table for everyday use.

  • 100% Greek extra virgin olive oil, cold pressed
  • Yiayia’s olive oil is perfect for salads and to add a finishing dash of flavor to cooked dishes.

Yiayia and friends re-imagines and re-introduces traditional notions of life, superior quality food products, culinary objects and epicurean artefacts of yesteryear.

At the heart of this design project, “Yiayia” (“granny” in Greek) is glorified in a key-storyline as the super-powerful, all-knowing but the also discreet person that she is. Together with her “friends” from both the human and animal kingdom the art of growing, cooking and sharing food, along with everything that is attached to it, is remembered, re-introduced, and re-imagined for generations to come.


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