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Her Varsity Socks - Taffy

Her Varsity Socks - Taffy

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A bold varsity stripe is timeless and always a classic.

Her Varsity Socks is a varsity striped version of Le Bon Shoppe's OG Her Socks which are classically ribbed, perfect height, cotton blend durable, chic go-to socks. Add an understated sporty touch to any look with this bold stripe contrast version of Her Socks. She loves to be worn with a mini skirt, plaids, and oversized cable knit sweaters.

  • Made in South Korea 
  • 80% Cotton, 18% Polyester, 2% Spandex 
  • One Size Fits Most (US Women's size 6-10)

Le Bon Shoppe began in the heart of Los Angeles's Arts District, conceived by old friends with deep roots in the fashion industry. Like elusive creatives such as Daft Punk, Sia, and Banksy, LBS prefer their work speak for itself.

Their name, meaning 'The Good Shop,' reflects their mission: to offer timeless essentials that are as effortless as they are essential. From the perfect tee to the coziest socks, each piece is crafted in limited quantities to minimize waste and ensure every creation finds a home with someone who truly loves it.

Embracing slow fashion, LBS rejects seasonal trends and aim for lasting quality over fleeting fads. Their production is driven by customer feedback, ensuring that what they create resonates deeply and endures. With no paid promotions or discounts, their commitment is simple: to provide fair pricing that allows everyone to build their perfect wardrobe at their own pace. Welcome to Le Bon Shoppe, where every piece is made with passion and purpose

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