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two trees studio

Mila Sculpture

Mila Sculpture

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A beautiful sculpture by artist Allison Samuels of Two Tree Studios from her solo exhibit "Formal Meditations" at the Picture Room Gallery.

  • 21" Total height
  • Comes apart into 3 separate pieces, or can be arranged to be stacked on top of each other
  • Natural | Maple wood grain visible; smooth finish

Notes from the exhibit: 

“These expanded forms allow for a shift in emphasis; they do not perform or serve a purpose beyond existing as themselves. They are tactile, they play, they actively reject representation.

Allison Samuels’ practice and the featured works chart a map through her cognitive process, a dialogue between intuition and material that emerges through the forms you see here. The show is a new feat for Samuels, as she moves away from functional items such as furniture and utensils to distinctly sculptural works.

These works embrace what might otherwise be considered "flaws." Knots, holes and cracks in wood would render it useless for constructing utility-driven items; whereas here such “limitations” become an opportunity. The conversation which surfaces between material and maker is as much a subject as the forms themselves, developing a language of "3D thoughts.”

Inspired by her travels and the rocks, branches and earth she collects along the way, Samuels allows raw matter to speak through her practice, blurring the line between form and function, the imagined and real. Her meditations come to life through the physical objects featured here.

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