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Kendall Davis Clay

Rectangle Tray

Rectangle Tray

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A beautifully minimal tray from Kendall Davis' original collection.

Perfect for setting our small dessert bites, appetizers, sushi, kimbap, or even for small trinkets. This piece is no longer in production and a true Kendall Davis collector's piece to treasure. 

  • Approximately 10.5" x 7.5" 
  • Handmade in Fort Worth, Texas 

From the Artist: 

The connection between one's roots and their creative expression is a deeply personal journey. Having grown up on a farm, my family and I spent our days not only shaping the earth but also being profoundly shaped by it. The act of tilling the land, nurturing life, and bearing witness to the cycles of nature has instilled within me an appreciation for labor and the rewards that come from hard work. These values are not abstract notions; instead, they are intricately woven into the very fabric of my being. They stand as a living testament to the generations of my family who have dedicated themselves to toiling on the same land.

My art serves as a bridge, connecting my past to my present. While my initial aspirations led me to desire seeing my paintings displayed in galleries and museums, my perspective has evolved much like the changing seasons. Now, my focus has shifted towards the everyday objects that envelop our lives, the items we engage with in our daily routines. My ceramic pieces are not intended solely for observation; rather, they are crafted with the intention of being held, touched, and felt. Each stroke and contour deliberately draws attention to the human hand—the hand of the creator. I firmly believe that art is not separate from the artist; it is an extension of the artist's identity and essence.

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