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Spiral Plate

Spiral Plate

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Imagine eating your dessert or side salad on this calming spiral plate. You are enjoying each bite as you allow your eyes to follow the spiraling glaze...the vibes are right. 

(Also works great as a base plate for candles and incense holders)

  • Handmade by Oklahoma City artist Isaac Diaz 
  • 6" diameter 
  • Hand wash only 
  • Ceramic with glaze
  • Foodsafe 

Uoqaus - an adaptation of the Finnish word “huokaus”, meaning to sigh. 

Here, the relationship between ceramics and people is explored. Both are uneven and imperfect, yet made of earth. While looking to these connections, uoqaus also reinterprets ancient stories and traditions. Uoqaus mostly finds inspiration through the old, and alive, cultures of Latin America. Uoqaus is a sigh of what can be, a desire for something else while creating that “something else.”  

Uoqaus was started in 2019 by Isaac Diaz. Isaac currently lives and works in Oklahoma City.

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